The Art Of Making A Podcast

What exactly is a Podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file available as a series, which can be downloaded automatically or subscribed.  I’ve only been recording Podcasts for a few months, so I’m no expert, but I’ve listened to many.  I’ve decided to share with you what knowledge I’ve obtained , and my experience in starting my own podcast.

I’ve listened to Comedy Shows, Television Series, and even Church Services on podcasts. My all time favorite has been Ghost Stories.  I really had no intent on doing a Podcast until one day an associate invited me to do a collaboration with him.  Of course, I didn’t want to go in to this blinded not knowing what to do, so I decided to try it out myself first.

What tools are needed to start a Podcast?

Here’s 10 items that you may need in order to start a Podcast:

  • Good microphone
  • Headphones – so you can hear what you’re saying
  • Pop Filter – to ease the loudness of the sounds “p” and “t”
  • A Boom – helps with holding and positioning the mic
  • Skype – excellent sound quality
  • Recording & Editing Software – editing
  • ID3 Editor – store your podcasts
  • Hosting Acct – i.e Libsyn and Soundcloud
  • Design Software – not really necessary
  • A Vanity URL – to allow your listeners to give reviews

Now let me say this: I did not purchase any of these things to do my podcast.  Most of these things are for those who have an actual Physical Forum for podcasting, and/or may have a live audience or guests.  An example of what I mean is people who have live Radio Talk Shows etc.  It would be really hard to have or interview more than one person with just a cellular phone!

I do all my podcasts on the Mobile App called Anchor.  It’s simple and easy.  Like any app, there’s a profile for you to set up.  It has all the capabilities of sharing and downloading.  You can hold the phone up to your ear and record yourself talking or conversing with someone else.  Or you can press the speaker button and record that way as well.  The only thing with the Speaker button, you have to continually hold it.  

When interviewing or adding someone to the podcast you can do it two ways right now.  You can (1.) call the person you want on the podcast before opening a session in Anchor, (2.) you can add a collaborator from the app itself if they are also a member on the app.   Anchor gives you choices of background music you can use for free.  You can save a draft, edit, or add other recordings to your episodes as well.  I have not tried to upload a recording to the app, but my friend has uploaded several of his songs, and the quality is very good.

In my experience with creating podcasts, I had to make sure I had a place where outside noises wouldn’t interfere.  The minute you began to speak, whatever sounds are in your background will be picked up.  Don’t laugh at me, but I record all my podcasts in my closet!  Yes!   I know I wouldn’t have to do this necessarily if I invest in some of the tools I’ve listed above.   I definitely do plan on doing so in the near future.  I really enjoy and have fun with it!  Sometimes I hold the phone up to my ear when I’m doing my  “Conversations With Friends” episodes.  But when I’m doing “ValerieASCENDING”, I hold the speaker button and use earbuds that have a microphone. 

Your podcast are easy to download and turn into Mp3 files.  I have actually turned some of my podcast in to YouTube videos. Anchor will also give you the opportunity to let it share your podcasts to other platforms as well.  Since I’ve started with the app my podcasts have been accessible on the App Store, Spotify, and Cast  just to name a few.  These are the Seven Top Podcast Apps for Mobile Use:

Spreaker Studio






“Audio Recorder” on your cellular device

I sincerely hope this has helped and even motivated anyone who is thinking of starting and creating some type of podcast in the future.  Any questions can be submitted to

As always Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!




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