One Of My Favorite Makeup Brands!

I’m not a huge makeup wearing type of of gal, but I do love to wear lipsticks, eyeshadow, and painting my tinky toenails!  But since I don’t have a lot of income right now I have to be frugal when shopping for Beauty Products.  In other words, I am broke and I have to make inexpensive purchases.  “Well where do you go to buy products?”.  I go to Dollar Tree hunti!!!  I am here in Houston, Texas, and there’s Beauty Supply stores everywhere.  They always have 1.00 lipsticks, lip glosses, and eyeliner pencils.

But today I am going to talk about my most favorite of my cheap beauty brands.  I say cheap in the sense that they don’t cost me much.  If they weren’t made well I wouldn’t be using them.  So I love, love, love L.A. Colors, and I always get them from Dollar Tree!  Yes, I said Dollar Tree!  I know you’re getting happy!!

I love the matte lipsticks they carry.  I’ve also gotten lip glosses as well.  Dollar Tree has a pretty extensive Cosmetic area, and I can never walk away without stopping by the section to browse when I’m in to buy something else.  I have every last color in this picture along with a very bright red. The lipstick glides on really well for a matte lipstick too!  I used to never wear matte lipsticks until I came across L.A. Colors.

These are some really cute Jumbo Eye Pencils, but when I bought my first one I didn’t pay attention to what it was and wore it as lipstick!  I know I know, I am NOT a Makeup Expert!  I won’t ever claim to be either!  Don’t laugh at me either! {poking my finger at you all}  I had a really pretty  shimmer pink one!  Omg, I was soo in love with it!

Of course I love the eyeshadows as well.  The ones I use the most have a shimmer effect.  I wear a lot of the neutral toned ones as well.  All of the L.A. Color products I have purchased have only cost me a 1.00 an item.  They look nice, and I feel completely comfortable wearing them.  I’m just not able to go and spend a fortune on anything like MAC.  Even though I know they have incentives for their customers, I just can’t do it right now!  Hope you enjoyed my little review of the brand L.A. Colors!  Please share with me any other brands you feel I could take advantage of.  I will share with you all the others I am using in the future.


Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!


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