My Real Life Broken Heart

Hello My Beautiful People!  For the past four years I have been battling and braving one heck of a personal storm!  The above picture is one of many that I have of myself in the hospital.  For those of you that are not familiar with my past I have Congestive Heart Failure.  Congestive Heart Failure is when the heart doesn’t pump blood as well as it should.  It’s the weakness of the heart that can and will build up of fluid on the lungs and surrounding body tissues.  For me the blood that isn’t processed correctly turns into fluid and settles in my belly.  For years I worked out trying to lose my stomach and get it flatter to no avail not understanding the issue was that I actually had a bad heart.  Undetected, my heart became so week that in 2014 I had a heart attack, which is blockage of blood flow to the heart muscle.  

I was placed on two different blood pressure medicines.  One I took for my heart rate, and the other was to control my actual pressure.  For some reason it was hard for doctors to keep my blood pressure under control.  When what I thought was a really bad cold giving me a hard time sleeping turned out to be a heart attack.  Doctors told me if I had forced myself to sleep I would have died.  So they did a procedure called an Angioplasty.  This is a surgical  procedure to repair or unblock a blood vessel, especially a coronary vessel.  The first one I had they went into my left groin.  In August of 2015 I had a second heart attack.  I then had to have a second Angioplasty done.  This one they went through the artery in my left arm.  Both outcomes of the Angioplasties showed no blockage.  Later I had a Nuclear Stress Test, which showed that the front part of my heart was severely damaged.                                                                                                                                   


I was then given a Life Vest to wear until reports were given to an Electrophysiologist.  In the event my heart stopped or I had any arrhythmia, the Life Vest would shock me like a Crash Cart used by doctors.  Heart Failure can lead to other serious health issues such as, Angina and Stroke.  Angina is a type of chest pain caused by the lack of blood flow to the heart.  A stroke is when there becomes damage to the brain from interruption of its blood supply.  Both can leave parts of the body incapacitated.

Eventually I had to have a pacemaker installed.  The Electrophysiologist said that my heart needed 24-hour EMT attention.  A Pacemaker is a device that stimulates the heart muscle and regulates its contractions.  The device generates electrical impulses through electrodes to contract the heart muscles and keep the heart pumping at a steady beat.  So yes they had to cut my chest open!  The device looks like a small MP3 player with a lead.  A slit was cut into my heart and the lead was placed in it.  

It wasn’t until I had the pacemaker installed, came home, and had to set up a device so that my doctor’s office could monitor me, that I realized just how close my brush with death was.  My life totally changed.  I no longer could eat the way I wanted to.  My diet totally changed.  I have to weigh myself every day, I can’t intake more than a liter and a half of any fluid, and it’s extremely hard to lose weight!!  But I am extremely BLESSED to have another shot at life, and I’m extremely GRATEFUL!!  

I want to reach out to as many people as possible about Heart Awareness!  Please stay tuned for upcoming posts as I share with you tips on Healthy Eating and signs of Heart Disease.  

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and BE BLESSED!



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  1. Wow Valerie, it sounds like you’ve really had a rough time of it! Fantastic to hear that you’re doing better now though – and that you’re raising awareness by writing about your condition 🙂

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