Journal Entry: Putting My Best Foot Forward 11.9.18

I started this blog almost six months ago. I’ve been through many storms, and had decided it was time to make a change. One of the things I learned trying to deal with having an invisible disease like CHF is that it’s good to do something different. Do something that will keep my mind busy, because worry leads to stress, which in turn leads to strain on my heart. So I started to take my blogs to another level. Slowly I began to change my mindset even more.

Waiting for someone to make a decision on what course your life will be taking is such a heavy thing to do. I’ve never been one to do that so it was really hard. Well, doing that was not a good idea for me after all. I got denied for the third time for Social Security and Disability. Time to take that power back! Am I disabled? Physically, I know I am. I won’t go back into denial on that. Mentally, I am not. I am going to have to go back to work. I can’t spend another two years waiting around for someone else to make a decision concerning my life. So today I am acknowledging my Super Powers. I am letting go of fearing mistakes and failures.

I have got to go back to work. Whether it be from home, or an office, it’s something I ‘have’ to do if I’m going to survive right? I possess habits that make me a “Girl Boss”. Time to shift them into gear, and get shit started again!! I am always improving, but for Today, I have the knowledge I need! I am my best source of motivation. Any suggestions for work from home, You guys are more that welcome to leave in the comments for me.!

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!

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