Hot Summer Suits For The Plus Size Hottie!

It’s Summertime!  The weather outside is good and HOT!  Time to hit the beaches and check out the poolside.  I’m a Plus Size Hottie, and I can’t just put on any kind of swimsuit!  So for all the Plus Size Hotties out there who are looking for a cute, stylish, and appealing swimsuits, here are my top picks for the season.

For the ladies who are trying to keep that minimizing strategy going, here are a few cute classy black and white pieces you may  like:
























Here are some cute obvious two pieces.  I’m not yet comfortable with wearing a suit like this, but I totally think they are worth a try for a full-figured woman who doesn’t have a large stomach like mine.








Now these next Tankinis I would venture out and try!  They aren’t all-in-ones, and they don’t show any of your belly, if you have one like mine.  Let me also say, “there is absolutely nothing wrong with big bellies!  I’m just not comfortable letting mine hang out”. 




These are my FAVORITE THREE!!!

I bring these swimsuits to you via  Target, Always For Me,, Sammydress, Swimsuits For All, and AdoreWe.  Hopefully what I’ve shared has helped you ladies find a swimsuit you absolutely need and fits your needs!

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!

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