Journal Entry 11.15.18 – Getting Back To Basics

Today I looked back at a time when I thought I was happy.  A time when I actually lived comfortably and really had no stress.  I thought of what I was doing? What was my lifestyle like?  Well one thing I did for sure, was go to church.  I went to church, and I paid my tithes.  I prayed regularly.  I said confessions and affirmations every morning and every night.

After I divorced those things left me.  After I got sick I was off and on with it.  Seems like things just went all down hill after that.  But things can’t get better unless there’s some type of change right?  My life is broken.  Since I’ve been where I am I’ve been to church only once.  

This past Sunday I logged onto Youtube and watched Hope City live, and oh my gosh, I missed hearing the word!  It felt really good, because I ‘felt’ like I attended church.  I think it was a great way to start my week.  I’ve listened to Praise and Worship when I meditate sometimes instead of Zen.  When I meditate with Zen music, I pray the Rosary.

My mom asked me why I wanted to pray The Rosary.  She said “you’re not Catholic”.  But isn’t prayer – prayer?  I mean does it matter what prayer I say?  As long as it aligns with the word of God right?  I didn’t let it get me discouraged though.  I was able to get a beautiful set of Rosary from Wish.  I did! 

I need my mind and my spirit strong as much as possible for this new journey I’m about to go on.  

Ok guys until next time…

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!


Journal Entry 11.11.18 – Gots To Have A Plan


It’s Sunday, Veteran’s Day. I called my dad, and had the boys call him as well. He tends to call us first! I feel bad because he does it, because he thinks that maybe we’ll forget him or something. Things have gotten better between him, me, and my sisters. He’s not alienated, and never was. But now I know he doesn’t feel embarrassed to call or visit us. The grandkids are getting to know him, and they love their “Granddaddy”! (In Mr. Brown’s voice)

I’ve got a new project. So I’ve gained weight since moving in with my sister. I’ve got to get all new clothes if I’m going to get back out into the working field again. But that’s going to be hard not having any money! So the little things I do on the side to earn 5.00 here and 10.00 there, will have to go straight to a stash. Then I’ll go to the Thrift Store. I need a black skirt, black heels, a nice dressy conservative top, and a black cover up. Because I like to keep it classy with my interviews.

I can’t be just eating their food either! Everything is so damn salty. I have to watch my sodium, did they forget? So I need to come up with some quick easy meals I can cook just for myself without offending anyone else. The other day my Mom smothered some chicken wings with a lot of onions and bell peppers. O.M.G it smelled soooo good!! She did green beans and white rice. All of it was salty…. I was extremely sad. I had to do some Honey Nut Cheerios instead!

I did manage to comb my hair and actually put on some real clothes today! I still can’t wash my hair because of this ear infection. And I must say this hair is a itchin’ hunti! I can’t wait to get some Pantene conditioner on me. It’s so creamy when it goes on, and it makes my hair so really soft afterwards.

I took the week off from Yoga, because I just wasn’t feeling my best. I’ve been trying my hardest not to get sick, but the weather here in Texas is bi-polar. But I feel really good when I do it though. I’ve added the Rosary to my meditation, but I kind of modified it. Is that a sin? I just made it the series of “Hail Mary” prayers, and the rest of the beads are the “Our Father Prayer”. So I guess it’s Val’s Rosary now. Either way, it helps me meditate and clear my mind. My Dad said that the Bible says when meditating do it in prayer. That I should pray, and once done be still and let the Holy Spirit speak to me. I sleep better as well.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week. The chance to build up momentum to execute goals that are written and planned out. So make sure you make tomorrow a “GREAT DAY”. Remember it will dictate how the rest of your week goes!

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!!

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