Just Love Me

Love me when the sun rises and winks at the moon before it disappears. Love me when it’s setting, wraps it’s warm colors around us, and blows a kiss to the moon when it reappears.  

Love me when the clouds play tag in the sky; when the losing cloud gets sad –  Love me when the rain plays hopskotch in the streets, when the wind blows on an umbrella and the person holding it gets mad.  

Love me when I get home from work and flop down on the couch instead of hopping in the kitchen to prepare dinner.  Love me when I get a promotion on the job, get a corner office, and my pay-raise makes me the breadwinner.

Love me when my stomach is no longer flat, my thighs are jiggly, and my hips are no longer curvy.  Love me enough to give me motivation and inspiration to want to start a healthy lifestyle and fit journey.

I asked these things my love, because my love for you runs deep like the Grand Canyon.  It’s strong like the locked jaw of a lion.  It’s forever soaring like a seagull over blue waters.

I can accept YOUR imperfections, flaws, and mistakes.  I’m willing to give you space when you go through life’s moments.I understand and am willing to fulfill YOUR needs; after all I’m fulfilling my needs as well. 

Let us be ONE, move as ONE, strengthen as ONE,  strive as ONE, and increase as ONE.



~Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED,  and Be BLESSED!

Sweet Nerdish Revenge 2

Sweet Nerdish Revenge 2

by: ValerieASCENDING

As Alex stepped onto the campus of Granger High School, she thinks of how the last year ended, smiles to herself, and throws caution to the wind. This year will be different. She has friends, a nice social life, and a “love” interest! Yes! She has a boo thang! His name is Xander, and he’s a tall, dark, and athletically built brother. She and he met over the summer when he took a part time job at the motel her parents own. No he’s not her boyfriend, but they definitely spend time flirting with each other. Her friends all agree that they would make the cutest couple!

She meets up with her girlfriends. Well three of them, Zoe, Lavanna, and Isabella, are her best friends. One is her frenemy. Kirsten. Kirsten is Zoe’s friend, and Alex can’t stand to hear her voice. She’s quite the manipulative one. Alex doesn’t like the attention Kirsten gives her. She’s always eyeing her up and down. When Xander comes around she has to always chat him up. She’s always in the way! Alex knows a two-faced, conniving, bitch when she sees one. Little does she know, Alex is not the one. Kirsten not ready!

Alex and her girls start discussing their plans for the weekend. One of their classmates, Kaleb, is having a party at Warner Country Club to celebrate the beginning of their Senior Year of high school. Even though this is new for her, she’s been observant of things for many years. She’s witnessed other’s mistakes and triumphs. She’s in no way “green”. Before she would have shied away from such events, but the end of last year and the summer gave her plenty of time to come out of her shell.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Alex is driving to the party. She picks up Lavana and Isabella on the way. Zoe and Kristen will be riding together. They all plan to meet at the country club. They get to their destination and the atmosphere is definitely electrifying. The music is on point and the set up is awesome. The party is considered private, but club members were still allowed to come and go. One of the members Alex recognizes instantly. He’s Kirsten’s dad, Mr. Levi Bradford, corporate CEO of a communications company. Mr. Bradford is an attractive man with dark hair, intense blue eyes, and a fit physique. He catches Alex staring. He stares back, and then he winks. She smiles, blushes and then turns her attention back to her friends. Once again Kirsten is all up in Xander’s face. Fucking little bitch!!

Everyone’s having a great time. Alex is dancing with her friends. They decide to take a bathroom break to primp and make sure they are still looking good. You know how girls do! Alex is grateful Kirsten isn’t around. When they round a corner she finds out why. They find Kirsten and Xander making out. He looks up and she can see instant regret on his face. Kirsten however, has her bitch smirk on. Alex becomes furious, but she refuses to show it. Her friends persuade her on to the bathroom where they try to make her feel better. She assures them she’s okay, and leaves to go get some fresh air.

She ends up on the other side of the building. You can still hear the music from the other side though. Alex realizes she didn’t go when she was in the bathroom, and now she really has to pee! It’s quiet and there’s no traffic, so she ducks into the nearest locker room. As she steps in she realizes it’s the Men’s Locker Room. She goes into one of the stalls anyway, because she will not be pissing on herself tonight! When she comes out she makes sure her clothes are fixed. As she looks up at herself in the mirror, she sees not only her light brown eyes staring back at her, she also sees dark hair, a fit physique, and a pair of the most intense blue eyes.

In response to the “bitch smirk” she received from Kirsten earlier, Alex turns around, steps to Mr. Bradford and smiles salaciously. Mr. Bradford steps closer, runs his thumb across her chin, and says “hello, pretty girl”.

Sweet Nerdish Revenge

Sweet Nerdish Revenge

by: ValerieASCENDING

Broman, brodie, dude! “They think they fooling everybody, but they’re not fooling me;” Alexandria watched as Chase and Zach fooled around in the courtyard of Granger High School. It was after school and noone was around now that classes had been released. Everyone was pretty much at home, in detention, or in their extra curricular activities for the evening. Everyone, but little ‘ol Alex. Alex, a quiet, nerdy-but smart, African American of Granger, was sitting back and observing as usual. They consider her a nobody, but have no idea what she’s doing.

See Chase, 6’2″ tall, slender, blond hair, blue-eyed cutie, and Zach 6’ chiseled, athletic, brunette, hazel-eyed hottie weren’t just joking around. They were flirting. Oh yes yes! Grabbing each other’s ass, and occasionally caressing each others dicks while horseplaying is not exactly a good cover. Alex just sat and watched everything! Watched and gathered all the details she needed to carry out the plot of a lifetime! These two hambones think they can humiliate her on a daily basis, and think she’s going to just roll over and pretend like nothing has happened? How long do they really think she is going to sit back and allow them to harass her?

They sabotage her locker and take pictures of her trying to get it to open. They then take the pictures and post online for all of the school to see. They’ve egged her. They’ve started rumors of her being a hoe. You name it; they’ve done it. The mere cockiness they possess, along with their huge egos have made made them comfortable with the things they do in her presence. But she has been watching them for a long time. Coming from dark corners, one wiping his mouth, while the other fixing his pants. Snap! Snap! Got that picture along with all the others, including kisses and smooches before getting into their prospective vehicles..

Eavesdropping is oh so easy when people let down their guard when they think no-one is around. When they care so little about a person and what they have to say, it’s very easy to let little things slip thinking it’s gone unnoticed. Today’s intel includes the location and time of operation rendezvous. Tonight the two secret lovers plan on making their relationship sexual. Tonight they are going to take things all the way, and she’s going to be right there to catch it all!!!

Alex has two very highly intellectual and hard working parents. They both bring in high residuals and have made many investments. Something to fall on in case of hardship, and a guarantee to support they’re children’s advancement in education. One of those investments is the motel, hotel, Holiday Inn that Chase and Zach plan on meeting at! An establishment she has every bit of access to. See they have no idea of Alex’s ties to the motel, because she doesn’t tell the whole world of her family’s affairs.

Neither do they know that while Alex may not be a hoe, she definitely has a wild side. A side that is very sexually independent and addicted to the world of BDSM. Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism has been her addiction of the late. She has been awaiting the opportunity to put all her studies into action and experience. Tonight she’ll get that chance. She has arranged for only one room to be available, and in that room she has her hidden cameras set up and ready. She is determined to have the last word, with a revenge that’s going to be “oh so sweet”!!!

Chase and Zach have met up. They’ve got a room that connects to another, but they don’t notice it’s not locked. There’s music playing to create a seductive atmosphere. Alex thinks to herself how funny. They’re soo manly, but sensitive enough to play love songs! Ha! Not for long though. She has on a black tight fitting jumper with knee high black boots on. She also has on a black mask that covers her head in its entirety, so that no-one recognizes her. Only her beautiful wine colored lips are showing. She quietly opens the door and finds them laid out in the bed cuddled and tongue kissing. Chase is shirtless with his jeans still on and Zach is only in his underwear.

She quietly opens the door adjoining the rooms, and walks in with her special black bag. In it she has all the toys she needs to play with tonight. She sets her bag on the nearby dresser where the tv is. They still don’t realize she is there. She stands at the foot of the bed with her legs spread, hands on her hip, and seductively says, “Well hello boys. Looks like we’re going to have fun tonight.” Both guys immediately hop up shocked and wonderfully embarrassed!!

“Oh don’t look soo surprised. Wait, that’s right, you guys aren’t supposed to be here! You could get into real trouble. But you could entertain me, and maybe I won’t rat you out.” She lightly taps the front of her bottom lip. Chase and Zach just stand looking stupid. They don’t dare look at each other. They just stare at her.

She walks back to the dresser, opens up her black bag, and pulls out her long black flogger. Time to get down to business. She walks over to Chase and gets extremely close to his face and says, “Zach honey, walk over to Chasey and help him out of the rest of his clothes. He has way way too many clothes on.” He stands and stares at her. She walks to the side of him, and as he looks over to Chase, she swings the flogger at his ass. “Move it honey, I don’t have all night!”, she yells.

Zach walks over to Chase. He pauses for a minute, but when he sees Alex walk over to them, he looks back at Chase and they both began to remove Chase’s clothes. “No,no,no, Zach baby, do it with some sexiness. Tonight is special right? Let’s make it a night to remember!” Alex tilts her head to the side. “Remember, you’re making love!” She then smacks Zach again with the flogger, but this time it lands across his back. She laughs to herself as she watches Chase’s dick get rigid under his underwear. “Chase baby, looks like you’re beginning to like this. Kiss your lover. Show him how much you love him so.” She then walks over to the dresser and leans back on it.

Chase takes Zach’s head in his hands and starts to seductively kiss him. Zach is hesitant at first, but he then wraps his arms around Chase’s waist. Their tongues dance with one another as if they are kissing for the first time. They move to the bed and by the time Zach’s head hits the bed, both of them are completely naked. Alex walks up behind Chase, lays a smack across his ass with the flogger, and says, “Time for you to taste your lover Chasey Pooh.” As she steps around to the foot of the bed again, Chase slowly takes Zach’s rock hard cock into his mouth and starts to suck with a fever.

Smack! Alex whips Chase across his ass again. He moans with Zach’s cock in his mouth and starts to hump the bed. Zach has got his hands in Chase’s hair pulling and panting with pleasure. The lashes Chase has received from the flogger brings him closer to an orgasm. “Whatever you do Chasey Pooh you better not remove your mouth from his cock until he finishes.” And with that statement Alex wails down on Chase’s ass with the flogger one more time, and Zach cries out and releases in Chase’s mouth. While Chase swallows the juice of his lover for the first time, Zach whimpers like a baby.

Alex once again laughs on the inside, even though she has the most serious and devious look on her face. “Did you enjoy that Zach hunny? Looks to me like it was shear ecstasy. Ok baby, up and atom. You won’t be hogging up all the pleasure tonight. The both of you switch places. Stroke each other. I need you guys nice and hard.” Alex walks back to her black bag and takes out a little belt similar to a dog collar. She walks over to Chase takes his nice hard cock in her hand and places the little belt on him. She gets it nice and tight. He exhales hard and shudders the tighter she gets. “You okay hunny?” He nods obediently. “The answer should be ‘yes mistress'”. “Yes mistress,” he whimpers.

“Chasey Pooh, all fours you go baby.” She picks her flogger back up. “I want that pretty face of yours down and that hot ass up in the air.” She walks back to the dresser, leans back on it again, and crosses her arms. “Zach hunny, time for you to get that nice little tight hole wet.” “Yes mistress,” he replies with eagerness. She’s very impressed and pleased. He walks over to the bed and instantly starts to lick Chase’s ass. For a minute she can barely see his face, he’s really getting in there. Slowly sliding his tongue inside the asshole and out. Chase is moaning and grunting hard into the sheets. He’s making sure his ass moves back to meet Zach’s tongue.

“So eager Chase. Zach I think Chase wants more. You’re going to have to be really careful and go slow though. Take your cock now and gently ease it into his asshole. There you go.” Zach slowly works his cock into Chase’s ass. Soon he’s got all of it inside of Chase, and they’re both grunting and moaning. Chase has built a response to the rythm of Zach. Alex walks over with the flogger and whips Zach across the back. “Fuck him harder Zachy!” The pressure builds up, and she can tell they both are ready to explode. “Zach, you don’t pull out until you cum you hear me?” “Yes mistress he screams, as he continues to thrust into Chase’s ass!” They both come together. Sweaty and whimpering they both collapse onto the bed.

Alex walks over to them. She retrieves the little belt from Chase’s cock, and replaces it and the flogger into her black bag. “You’ve both been really good boys. Keep it that way.” She makes her exit this time out of the actual motel room into the night.

When they return to school Alex is prepared for her little lovers. If they fear their secret getting out, she can’t tell. They immediately start to fuck with her. First, Chase knocks her books out of her hand. Then Zach eggs him on with a snide remark. Alex slowly composes herself as they stand and laugh. Everyone stops to look on. She pulls out her phone, and accesses the footage fromt the motel. They both look at her with smirks on their faces. As she presses the send button, she looks up at them.

“Chasey Pooh, Zachy hunny, Mistress is soo not pleased with your behavior.” She smiles and turns, with the pinging of cell phones and the gasps of fellow students loudly behind her.

“Mistress is not pleased at all.”


Him, Her, And Me

Him, Her, And Me

by: ValerieASCENDING

Two bodies entwined,  destined for eternity she thought

Tired of searching, she cooks she cleans,  “you want the respectful ones”, he was taught

He works hard, he puts me first sometimes, he’s the Apple of my eye

She’s really boring, she’s plain,  she’s gained weight I cannot lie

He’s changing, what’s he thinking?  He can come to me whenever he wants

She’s not what I really want, I’ll search the web and see, “aah, this is a nice website- a side-chick for me”

He doesn’t want me like that,  he wants more and I love him; I will try, I will appease

She’s okay with it, she’ll play along, she doesn’t mind having another; she only wants to please…me

It isn’t so bad between him, Her, and me, I thought this would be hard to handle it being us three

This is the shit. better believe I’m in “hog heaven”, I have my wife, I have my bitch, it’s fucking awesome to be me

She treats him like a King, he treats her like trash. He totally disregards her by gifting me with jewelry and with cash

She’s gentle, she’s attentive, I can see care in her eyes. While he showers. she lays next to me , we talk, I’m surprised

Shit, I got two bitches at my beck and call. I’ll use them how I want , do I give a care? No, not at all!

She’s hurt, she’s scorned, she thought she had love. She needs me, I need her, the two of us we can take care of

The house is quiet, the kitchen is bare. There is no food cooked, she’s not downstairs,  I called her peeps, she’s not there

She shouldn’t be asleep,  she should know better. I look in our room, on the bed “what the fuck, a ‘Dear John Letter?”

This place is nice. It feels like home. She’s attentive, compassionate,  and bad to the bone!

I like having her here, I like having her for my own. He was a dog. He mistreated her, she needs someone who is grown

She needs love and kindness. She needs patience and stability. She has a body like a Goddess,  it needs to be explored, brought to a peak, then put to sleep-sweet serenity! She needs motivation and support, not criticism or humiliation.

I will calm her waves

I will start the motion

I will be her EVERYTHING

I will be her OCEAN….

Marathon For Love

Marathon For Love
by: ValerieASCENDING

This is the second week he’s come out to run this trail. What’s the coincidence he would see her each and every single time he’s out. Never fails. He sees her at the same time almost at the same spot. The secluded, well hidden bushy over grown with trees, section of the path. The sun is always beginning to rise and its rays begun to peek through the branches.

Aahh. His cock starts to swell with anticipation of seeing her. She has soft, warm, caramel skin. Her hair is short, black, and curly and bounces as she runs. Oh those big, beautiful, light brown eyes and perfectly shaped lips. Geez! He won’t be able to finish this run if he continues to think of what the rest of her looks like!

Okay, something has got to give! She has got to get that body full of lean deliciousness to recognize her, speak, or stumble into some type of conversation with her. Damn she’s obsessed with having his sexy, dark chocolate, lean machine ass on top of her and inside of her. She can tell he’s a marathoner. His stance, the arrogance in which he runs, and the colorful athletic wear gives it away. She stops to shake the tightness out of her legs and the yearning that’s making her pussy throb.

She rubs the back of her neck. Sweet Jesus she can imagine his mouth there biting and sucking on her. “Fuck it”, she thinks. “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. She started a steady trot and remembers the way his beautiful chiseled body would pass her by. Nice tight ass and very strong thighs. She knows that flat stomach possesses a beautiful six pack. Those lips! She would allow him access to every orifice of her body, and with that thought she finds herself blundering and on her back! A small throb is at her right ankle.

The area he sees her at is just ahead, but as he approaches it he doesn’t see her. The sun is beginning its perch, and he still doesn’t see her. Instead he hears a slight moan, and suddenly he no longer has his footing. The Good Lord answers prayers! Lying beneath him is that sweet mocha morsel. Staring up at him was those big, beautiful, light brown eyes. Her hands are placed firmly on his chest.

He immediately removes himself from off of her and kneels to her right side. She lifts her right knee and winces. “Let’s see here pretty lady. Tell me where it hurts”, he says as he gently places his hand inside her right knee and slowly moves down. He swears he can hear her catch her breath. “What happened?” She replies, “I think I stepped the wrong way”.

Before she knows it, he’s lifted her up in those strong sculptured arms. “Omg, this is what heaven feels like!” she thinks. Although he’s been jogging, he still smells divine; all masculine and stuff. She immediately wraps her arms around his neck and leans in to smell more. In the sexiest voice she can manage without losing her cool, she tells him where she’s parked her car.

“I think I should take you to an Emergency Care facility, and let them take a look at your ankle”, says Toddrick.

Jolivette answers, “I’m sure it’s just a slight sprang. If you could get me into my car, I’m sure I can drive home.”

“Well at least allow me to ensure you make it home safe. I would feel awful if something were to happen to you along the way,” he responds.

“Baby you can follow me anywhere!” Jolivette thinks to herself. She can feel his breathe on her arm as he continues toward her car. She lets out a sigh herself not realizing that he could feel it across his cheek. She asks his name and introduces herself in return. They’re almost to her car and she tells him where she lives, and reassures him that she’ll be okay. As he sets her down in front of the driver’s side door of her Mercedes S Class, she winces a little. He then insists that he follows her home. It would make him feel better.

Nice sweet curves. Heaven help him! She smells like Coconut and Shea Butter. She feels like gelato with caramel feels going down your throat; nice, smooth, and yummy. He wonders if her pussy smells the same way, and does it taste just as good as the gelato does. He feels her breathe on his cheek and wants badly to turn and devour those sweet plump lips of hers. He’s got to play this shit right before he gets to her house. Hell he needs to play shit right in order to get her to agree to him following her home!

He sets her down at her driver’s side door and winces. He gives her the sexiest “I’m really concerned” look he can give, and she agrees to allow him to follow her home. He picks her up again and gently places her in the driver’s seat and closes the door. As he sprints over to his Range Rover he can still smell the scent of her and his penis gets rigid. “Must calm down, can’t get out the car with a huge as hard on!” he thinks to himself.

Short interlude here…

Jolivette pulls her Hot Red Mercedes into the driveway of her cute Modern Style one story home. Toddrick pulls his Black Range Rover in the driveway behind her. Totally forgetting she has a sprung ankle, she gets out of the car and steps away while closing the door. When she turns in Toddrick’s direction, she realizes this, and tries to correct herself. Instead she comes face to face with a pack of the leanest and sexiest abs. She freezes, makes an “o” with her mouth, and slowly looks up. Staring back at her were a pair of brown eyes and raised eyebrows. A hint of a smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth.
“You know all you had to do was ask,” he says as he looks down at her. “I’m not a ‘fuckboy’, but I don’t think I could ever say ‘no’ to you.” As he says this, he runs his thumb across her chin. “I think in exchange for pulling one over on me, you should ask me inside,” he says as he bites her bottom lip.
Jolivette smiles, looks away to gain composure, looks back at him, takes him by the hand, and leads him up to her front door.

Insert Sexy “we bout to fuck” Music Here….

Once they get inside, Toddrick pulls her back against him, burying his face in her neck, inhaling her. His dick is already swollen and ready to bust out of his biker shorts. Jolivette slowly rubs her plump ass against him. She can feel the heat intensifying in her core. Moisture is beginning to form, and his touch isn’t making things better.

They’re rocking side to side together, walking their way further down the hall of her house. She’s ready to get this party started, so she turns around and puts her face as close to his as she possibly can. She whispers, “I could use a really hot shower, couldn’t you?”. Unlike some people she wasn’t going to have dirty sex. She’s just too clean of a chic to do that type of thing. “Lead the way”, he says.

Inside she turns the water on adjusting to get a good temperature, and before she can turn and say anything, she feels him behind her. It’s amazing how a strong attraction to another can make your body overheat! She turns around and immediately his mouth is on hers. Devouring her with a hunger she’s never experienced from anyone before. Their tongues dance together as he picks her up and places them under the streaming water. He’s hungry has he plunges his tongue inside her mouth. They both release moans of satisfaction. A sharp exhale escapes her mouth as he makes his way to the nape of her neck sucking and gently biting towards the edge of her shoulder.

As they devour each others mouths, their hands eagerly roam each other. He first gently massages her breasts, twisting her taut nipples between forefinger and thumb; then he moves down and slowly caresses her pussy running a finger inside to play with her swollen nub. She begins to stroke his very erect penis with both hands slowly up and down, reaching under to caress his balls. He mumbles “fuck” into her mouth, and she knows that he’s enjoying himself. She lifts one of her legs and wraps around his waist so he has better access to her wet pussy. When he slides one then two of his fingers inside of her, she throws her head back and moans ‘yes’!

She wants oral pleasure, but her clit and wet pussy scream they want the dick first, so she tells him just that. “I’ve been imagining what this dick of yours would be like inside of me for some weeks now; put me out of my misery please!” He picks her up and while staring deeply into her eyes eases her on top of his rock hard cock. As he sinks deeply inside of her pussy she throws her head back and slowly takes in hard sharp breaths. “Oh shit yes! I need all of it Toddrick please. Give it all to me!” He’s got all of his dick in her sweet juicy pussy now, and he starts what he knows is the most perfect rhythm for shower lovemaking. Long, slow, deep strokes, are what he’s giving her. “Mine”, he growls in her neck as he strokes the most strongest of flames he’s ever had.

As he’s bouncing her on top of his dick with the best rhythm she’s ever experienced, Jolivette holds on by wrapping her arms around his neck. She’s sucking his tongue, both his lips, and moaning with great pleasure. He hs now  picked up the pace, and she’s riding the dick like a pro. The sound of their bodies slapping together can be heard over the sound of the water from the shower. Both can sense the intensity of oncoming orgasms and began to fuck each other back harder. As her orgasm rips through her body, Jolivette wraps her legs around Toddrick tighter, and squeezes her pussy walls around his shaft. She feels herself began to squirt as the orgasm washes over her, and releases an extremely loud shreek. Toddrick thrusts in her once hard, twice harder, and with the last thrust he growls loudly in her neck. He leans them against the shower wall for support. They gaze into each other’s eyes.

Then they hear the closing of a door……