Bucket List: Top 5 Places I Want To Travel

There are many things one can put on a Bucket List.  I’m pretty sure everyone has a place they want to travel to.  Of course, I want to go everywhere when I don’t have the funds!  Figures, right?  lol  But that isn’t going to stop me from listing these beautiful places on my list!  Hawaii was originally on the list, but ever since that volcano, it’s a “no no”!!  I’ll wait a bit.

It’s okay to take a goal and chop it up into smaller pieces.  So I’ll start with my smaller trips first.  That makes Seattle, Washington number five on the lineup.  Seattle is  located on the west coast of the United States.  Some of the places I would love to visit there is the Space Needle, the mountains, and Chihuly Garden and Glass.  The Space Needle stands 605 ft tall and has a rotating restaurant.  The Chihuly Garden and Glass features the glass exhibition of Dale Chihuly.






Miami, Florida sits at number four.  Miami sits on the Atlantic Coast of the United States on the southern end of Florida.  It is considered as a Major Port City  and International City as well.  I want to stay in a Surfside Hotel, and experience Little Havana.  I may get to go there sooner than I expect.  My Stepmother is from Miami, and she and my dad will be moving back there this month!  I’m not too interested in the clubs, because I’m not really a Club Hopper, but I do want to enjoy the beach, and eat at the cute cafes! I also want to go see the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. 






Number three is Italy!  Hopefully I’ll have a significant other by then!  Oh well.  It’s the Country Of Love right?  I fell in love with Italy after watching the movie Eat, Pray, Love!  Yes, I caught the dreamy eyes!  I’m not sure I want to go directly to Rome.  Italy is a  European Country that sits on the Mediterranean Coastline.  There’s the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  I want to see the famous paintings of the Catholic Churches.  





Bali hits the number two spot.  I also want to visit this island because of the movie Eat, Pray, Love.  It is located in the country of Indonesia.  I will most likely be visiting one of the Yoga and Meditation Retreats.  They are very popular on the island.  The southern tip is popularly known as Padang Padang, which is a great spot for famous surfing.  I’m not a Hindu, but they country has beautiful percussion music, and Hindu Temples.                                                                                       







Last, but not least, is IRELAND!  Oh my gosh I have been dreaming of visiting Ireland ever since I was little!  I will most likely go to Dublin.  It really doesn’t matter as long as I can see the sunset from a cliff view, and visit as many castles as I possibly can!!!  The most common sites that I have seen during research are Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle, Guinness Storehouse, and Phoenix Park.  I’m a country girl, so I know to me the most beautiful part of Ireland will be the countrysides. 





These are the most important of the many places I would love to travel to.  Each designation have sentimental reasons behind them, but I won’t dive into those right now.  When I have traveled, I’ve always felt a sense of peace.  Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to separate yourself from the every day hub and bub of where you currently call home.  Maybe I’m feeling extra nostalgic, because where I’m currently residing isn’t necessarily “my home”.  If you’ve traveled to any of these places, and you want to chime in or give suggestions, feel free to do so in the comments!  

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!

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4 Replies to “Bucket List: Top 5 Places I Want To Travel”

  1. Awesome post I’m a fan of Dale Chihuly myself . I actually worked in a glassblowing studio with Adam Camans one of his mentees . The rest of the bucket list sounds Amazing . Can’t wait to see pics from when you start checking them off 😁

  2. Seattle’s on my short list right now. I’ve been to Italy and would LOVE to go back, but our international travelling is on hold while our baby is still so young. We visited little cities like Cortona and Assisi, and they are the most peaceful places on earth!

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