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Hello BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!  Welcome to ValerieASCENDING!  I just wanted to give a some history into the purpose of this blog.  Sometimes knowing your “WHY” can make a huge difference in where and what you do in life.  In 2000, I thought my “why” was to be a helpmate to my husband and a mother in the future.  I had hopes and dreams like everyone else.  I wanted to be a pathologist, so I went to school for Medical Technology.  I was hopeful that this would put me on the path of getting into Medical School.  Unfortunately, things didn’t happen that way.  Two years later I would find myself with my first little miracle, a manager at a Big Box Retailer, living in a new city, and building a business.

I would then build this business and run it successfully, still have a full time job, have another little miracle, and then later divorcing.  My life was turned upside down.  Even though most of my life was lived in a single-parent home, I can’t say that I was 100% prepared to be a single mom myself.  My kids were still real small, but I was determined to move on.  I was very prideful, and I didn’t want to ask anyone for help.  I had to do things all on my own.  I endured a very emotional storm.  Sure I had family and friends to talk to, but I still felt alone. 

At one time I was working three jobs!  I had a regular 9-5, Mon-Fri, with weekends off, a part-time Retail Management job at a shoe store, and I did Customer Service for Toys R US from home.  I didn’t realize I was overdoing it until my kids began to complain of not being able to spend time with me!  So I kept the 9-5 and let the other two go.  The boys had begun to play basketball and baseball.  While doing this I decided to get a little more active myself. 

I was losing weight really well, but I began to have problems laying flat on my back.  At work I started falling asleep at my desk.  Like I was really nodding off while snoring and everything.  I started getting shortness of breath regardless of where I was walking.  All my life I would experience waking up out of my sleep choking and unable to catch my breath.  This started getting worse as well.  Only now I would have to vomit before I would get any relief.  Then I got a really bad cold.

October 19,2014, I enjoyed festivities for my cousins Bachelorette Weekend.  I went home with one of my sisters, because I was her ride, and we got home a little late.  I tried going to sleep like I usually do, propped up, but I still began to lose the ability to breathe.  I got my sister to bring me to the hospital to see what the problem was.  They did the usual EKG, started IV’s, yes I had more than one, and someone came in and gave me an Electrocardiogram.  When I knew it, I was being transferred to the fourth floor and told I would be kept overnight.  I was ordered an  angiogram the next morning.  Later,  a Cardiologist came in and asked me how long had I had a bad heart.  I told him that I didn’t have a bad heart.  He left, came back with three other doctors, and they told me I had had a heart attack.  I now had Congestive Heart Failure.  

The doctors preceded to tell me that had I forced myself to sleep that night I would have died in my sleep!  I would later be diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and have another heart attack in August of 2015.  I had gone all my life with the Sleep Apnea.  All those years of my heart going into Tachycardia finally caught up with me.  In June of 2016 it was decided that my heart could not function on its own, it would need 24hr. EMT service, and so I received a Pacemaker.

I had the surgery, but when I was able to return back to work, I was unable to.  I physically could not put in three hours of work.  I lasted all of an hour and a half.  I was seriously fatigued, emotionally unprepared for this surgery, and in complete denial about my situation.  My heart was barely performing at 22%.  Most days I could not raise my head less alone get out of my bed.  I still had two kids to worry about.  Even worse, they were worried about me, and it had began to have negative effects on them.  

Eventually reality set in.  I realized that I almost lost my life, and if not for the pacemaker my chances of having another heart attack or stroke would have increased.  I filed for Social Security and Disability.  I was denied twice, and had to retain a lawyer.  That was almost two years ago.  I lost my apartment and my boys ended up staying with their dad.  It totally broke my spirit.  Even though I didn’t know it, I was falling into a deep depression.  At one point I was sleeping in my car.  It was so painful, because my feet would swell up so badly.  I ran out of medicine, I couldn’t afford to go to the cardiologist, and had frequent trips to the emergency room. 

People look at you and see that you don’t have scars on your face, or you’re not all skin and bones, and figure you’re okay.  Often people don’t believe I’ve had heart attacks until they look at my scar from my pacemaker.  They look at my belly and just think I’m overweight.  Little do they know, huge stomachs are one of the number one signs of heart failure.  When the heart doesn’t function and pump blood the way it’s supposed to, it backs up into the body and turns into fluid.  The first place the fluid settles is in the stomach.  All that time I was trying to lose weight.  I lost almost 40lbs., but my stomach refused to get flat!  Now I know why.

Somehow I met Life Coach/Singer/Songwriter/Author Rhona Bennett.  She offered me a scholarship for her Personal Power University.  If it wasn’t for the “Being Bacon” course I would not have been able to get back on track!   No I’m still homeless, but I did manage to find a really nice Boarding House.  I live rent free in exchange for overseeing the house.  It’s taking me to do a whole lot of praying, praying, and praying!!  Otherwise, to be honest, I don’t think I would have made it this far!  I do have support from my family and a few close friends.  But these storms that I’m passing through has definitely shown me who my real friends are, and who actually stick by their word.

There’s so much more to my story.  I know I can’t cover it all in one sitting.  But I just wanted to share some of my history with you guys.  Hopefully you’ll follow me in my journey to succeed!  


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