5 Things To Remind Yourself Everyday

I’m always eager to share with you guys things that can send you on a trip of Ascension.  I firmly believe keeping the energy around you positive can make for a better way of living.  Hopefully these few tips are things that you already do or become interested in doing! Happy reading!

You are enough! – You don’t always have to depend in other people. However, understand at some point someone will fail you. I know it’s the harsh truth, but we’re humans. No-one’s perfect. You’re just as capable as the next.


YOUR dreams matter! – YOUR dreams should always matter to YOU! Let no-one dissuade you from your path either. Don’t become discouraged. If the goal is too big, break them up into smaller goals. If the dream seems overwhelming, break it up into phases



Authenticity is magnetic. – Believe it or not people can sense when you’re not being real. It can lead to negative attention. People who are genuine themselves appreciate being able to interact with someone who’s authentic.


Miracles are natural. -They come in different forms and at different times. You can’t predict them, but you’ll know as soon as they happen. Make sure you appreciate them!



You’ve totally got this! – Don’t get discouraged. Things don’t always happen overnight. Be patient and learn from your mistakes. Remember to allow patience to work on time and faith on your situation. Be the best YOU!


This blog is also special to me.  I’d love to give a few special shoutouts to some people who have been very supportive in my journey.  Please visit whatever platforms they are on, and show them some love!  

Hope you guys go and check out my friends!

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!







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