12 Things That Drain Your Energy: Fueling Drama

Hello Beautiful People!

I started a series called “12 Things That Drain Your Energy”.  One of these twelve things is Fueling Drama.  This hit home for me just recently.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t care for drama, and I will distance myself from it as quickly as possible.  I won’t have an issue telling anyone about it as well!  This has become even more important for me since I’ve begun this journey into Ascension.  I strive to keep as much positive energy around me, and Drama = Negativity!

I’d like to share a few things with you concerning fueling drama along with some tips.  

  • Minimize your own drama by identifying the source.  As with any experience, pay attention to when , where, and how you find yourself in or having drama.  Is it same time, same place, or same people?  
  • Think before you act.  Don’t react to something that does not need to be dealt with.  Catch your breathe before responding.  Ask yourself (1) “Is this really making me upset?”, (2) “Does this person really understand they’re upsetting me?”, and (3) “Do I wan to feed this negtive energy?”.
  • Allow yourself to feel upset, a moment.  Don’t marinate in it!
  • Don’t allow your emotions to produce an attack.  This could make things worst.
  • Don’t “tit for tat” or try to get revenge.
  • Let that negative energy go.  Try to come up with positive solutions.

Be weary of gossip.  Remember the more people that become involved or a part of your life, the more conflict there may be.  Balancing your friendships and relations can become crucial.  Mind your business!  Focus on yourself, and speak honestly.  One thing I’ve learned recently is that you have to avoid giving unsolicited advice.  You may have experienced something and have gained knowledge that could help someone, but that doesn’t matter!  Don’t offer it unless it is being asked for.  I’ve done this, and the person turned it against me while throwing a ‘pity party’.  

Know when ‘enough is enough’.  The minute you see the potential for drama to arise, nip that in the bud! Draw a line in the sand!  There’s no law against that.  This can also deter a person from gossiping which could lead to drama.  You know the saying “misery loves company”?  It’s the motto of the drama maker!  Along with making assumptions.  

I’m a fair person.  I consider myself mild tempered as well.  But when I see that someone is trying to cause confusion which could bring drama into my environment, I completely separate myself.  I build a wall, and it’s very hard for me to bring it down.  Hope this helps you guys.  Look forward to your comments!


Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!





How I’m Going To Get Back On Track With My Weight Loss

In February of this year I lost 15lbs.  I got on the scale this morning; I have gained almost 10 of those pounds back!  I’m livid, furious, and extremely discouraged!  But continuing to allow myself to feel these things is not going to make me feel any better.  So I’m stepping away, and I’m going to try to find some type of positive resolution to this situation.

First thing had to do was figure out my “Why?”.  What is the reason for my weight loss?  How is weight loss going to benefit me?  Well my “Why?” is because I have Congestive Heart Failure and Acute Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  My heart is struggling to function along with my Pacemaker, and all this added weight is not helping at all.  The Sleep Apnea is affecting how I breathe while sleeping.  Again, I need this weight off of me if I’m going to improve any of my health situations.   This reason alone ties along with my next “Why?”.  My two handsome boys!  They need me to be healthy and whole.  My mind needs to be right, my emotions need to be right, and so does my health.

The next thing I have done is evaluate my behaviors and eating patterns.  It’s funny but I started a Bujo (bullet journal) this month.  One of the sections in it is Health and Fitness.  Every day for the past two weeks I’ve been writing in it about what I’ve eaten and drank for the day.  One thing I noticed is that I don’t ever eat breakfast.  My first meal is always around 11am or close to 12pm.  I’m always eating something that I have to cook for someone else.  It’s not always something that I want to eat or should eat.  My water intake is good.  Every now and then I have a soda.  A lot of times I know I eat like this, because things are tight for me monetary wise.  I no longer get child support.  So I have no residual coming in. Another reason is just plain absence of willpower.

After that evaluation I made a grocery list.  Once I was finished with that, I scratched out all the items that I knew I shouldn’t be consuming. Then I started making recipes that I could do as Meal Preps.  I would like to start off doing breakfast and lunch.  It’s suggested to try not to do all of them at once.  Do one or two and make a habit out of it.  So I’m going to try and incorporate that on August 1st.  I’ll make sure I give you guys an update on that!

The next thing I did was made a space for my workout routines.  I started meditating a month ago, and for about the past week I’ve been doing Yoga.  I love doing both!  I didn’t realize how much sweat I would work up by doing Yoga, but I’m going to hang in with it.  Anyways, back on topic here nah!  I made a space for my Yoga Mat and my Rubber band that I’ve started using.  I created a nice workout routine and along with that a few Workout Playlists.

I believe my biggest downfall is understanding that not all things happen overnight.  They say it takes four weeks for you to notice any type of change in your body.  I have to weigh everyday because of the Heart Failure to make sure I am not taking on any excess fluid(not a good thing).  So it’s hard to do that and NOT think of weight loss.  I have a Vision Board that I’ve just made that includes inspirational themes on weight loss.  I love looking at it, and it gives me that extra push.  No it’s not pictures of half naked women with no weight whatsoever!  It’s more words and statements.

I’ve got to get this weight back off of me!  I know I can do it, because I’ve done it before.  I just need to have faith and some patience to see it through!  Have any suggestions?  Have a witness to what  has worked for you?  Leave it in the comments for me!


Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!


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Update: What’s Been Up With My 30-Day Challuunge

On July 7th of this year I started a 30-Day Challunge!!!!  It consists of 200 squats, 200 calf lifts, and 200 push ups.  I didn’t do the push ups, because I was scared the movements were going to mess with my pacemaker.  So I did just the calf lifts and the squats.  Well last week, well the end of the week before last, I had to stop doing the squats.  My left knee cap is shifted, and it started to hurt.  I’m too broke to go to another doctor!  lol

I’m still doing my meditations.  It has been really helping me with clearing my mind and getting to sleep.  Where as I was going to sleep for an hour or so and then waking up and being up for hours, I am now sleeping all the way through til morning.  I’ve got at least four different playlists created.  Some jazz, some rain sounds, and a little Zen.  I think the Zen is my most favorite!

I also started YOGAAAA!!!  I’m in love with it!  I’m on the app Holonis, and I’ve come to know a lot of people pretty well.  I have a friend who calls himself The Bearded Wanderer.  He’s the one who actually suggested it to me.  Then one day he posted a pic of him after a session, and I said “why not?”  So I was on Pinterest and looked up a couple of pins, well a lot of pins, and created my own little workout.  They’re all “on feet” positions, because lawd if I get on that floor, there is no one to help me get up.  No, I do not have Life Alert!  lol I do one floor position only…. The Moo Cow.  Stop laughing y’all!

My youngest son bought me a band from Five Below .   It’s a fairly regular size one.  It has some really good handles on it, and there’s this do dad that let’s you hook it in the door and work your shoulders.  So I have been working my biceps, triceps, and a little of my shoulders.  Loving this as well.  It doesn’t tire me out much, and most of the exercises I can sit and do to keep from getting lightheaded.

I have not been dancing though.  Dyspnea was really hitting me hard when I would do this.  I started off doing almost five songs a day.  But I began to feel real lightheaded.  So to play it safe I stopped doing them for a bit.  I wish besides walking that I could get some other type of cardio in!  This is beginning to become a frustration for me.  Nevertheless, I won’t give up.  The show must go on!

I have not looked at the scale much, only to keep an eye on my fluid intake.  On July 31st I’m going to measure my biceps, my calves, my stomach, and my abdomen to see if there are any changes.  I’ve continued to make sure that I’m eating clean and healthy.  I’m trying to decide whether I want to try doing a couple of weeks of just vegetables.  Anybody do just vegetables leave me a comment and let me know how it’s been working for you!