Journal Entry 11.15.18 – Getting Back To Basics

Today I looked back at a time when I thought I was happy.  A time when I actually lived comfortably and really had no stress.  I thought of what I was doing? What was my lifestyle like?  Well one thing I did for sure, was go to church.  I went to church, and I paid my tithes.  I prayed regularly.  I said confessions and affirmations every morning and every night.

After I divorced those things left me.  After I got sick I was off and on with it.  Seems like things just went all down hill after that.  But things can’t get better unless there’s some type of change right?  My life is broken.  Since I’ve been where I am I’ve been to church only once.  

This past Sunday I logged onto Youtube and watched Hope City live, and oh my gosh, I missed hearing the word!  It felt really good, because I ‘felt’ like I attended church.  I think it was a great way to start my week.  I’ve listened to Praise and Worship when I meditate sometimes instead of Zen.  When I meditate with Zen music, I pray the Rosary.

My mom asked me why I wanted to pray The Rosary.  She said “you’re not Catholic”.  But isn’t prayer – prayer?  I mean does it matter what prayer I say?  As long as it aligns with the word of God right?  I didn’t let it get me discouraged though.  I was able to get a beautiful set of Rosary from Wish.  I did! 

I need my mind and my spirit strong as much as possible for this new journey I’m about to go on.  

Ok guys until next time…

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!


5 Things To Remind Yourself Everyday

I’m always eager to share with you guys things that can send you on a trip of Ascension.  I firmly believe keeping the energy around you positive can make for a better way of living.  Hopefully these few tips are things that you already do or become interested in doing! Happy reading!

You are enough! – You don’t always have to depend in other people. However, understand at some point someone will fail you. I know it’s the harsh truth, but we’re humans. No-one’s perfect. You’re just as capable as the next.


YOUR dreams matter! – YOUR dreams should always matter to YOU! Let no-one dissuade you from your path either. Don’t become discouraged. If the goal is too big, break them up into smaller goals. If the dream seems overwhelming, break it up into phases



Authenticity is magnetic. – Believe it or not people can sense when you’re not being real. It can lead to negative attention. People who are genuine themselves appreciate being able to interact with someone who’s authentic.


Miracles are natural. -They come in different forms and at different times. You can’t predict them, but you’ll know as soon as they happen. Make sure you appreciate them!



You’ve totally got this! – Don’t get discouraged. Things don’t always happen overnight. Be patient and learn from your mistakes. Remember to allow patience to work on time and faith on your situation. Be the best YOU!


This blog is also special to me.  I’d love to give a few special shoutouts to some people who have been very supportive in my journey.  Please visit whatever platforms they are on, and show them some love!  

Hope you guys go and check out my friends!

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!







Journal Entry 11.11.18 – Gots To Have A Plan


It’s Sunday, Veteran’s Day. I called my dad, and had the boys call him as well. He tends to call us first! I feel bad because he does it, because he thinks that maybe we’ll forget him or something. Things have gotten better between him, me, and my sisters. He’s not alienated, and never was. But now I know he doesn’t feel embarrassed to call or visit us. The grandkids are getting to know him, and they love their “Granddaddy”! (In Mr. Brown’s voice)

I’ve got a new project. So I’ve gained weight since moving in with my sister. I’ve got to get all new clothes if I’m going to get back out into the working field again. But that’s going to be hard not having any money! So the little things I do on the side to earn 5.00 here and 10.00 there, will have to go straight to a stash. Then I’ll go to the Thrift Store. I need a black skirt, black heels, a nice dressy conservative top, and a black cover up. Because I like to keep it classy with my interviews.

I can’t be just eating their food either! Everything is so damn salty. I have to watch my sodium, did they forget? So I need to come up with some quick easy meals I can cook just for myself without offending anyone else. The other day my Mom smothered some chicken wings with a lot of onions and bell peppers. O.M.G it smelled soooo good!! She did green beans and white rice. All of it was salty…. I was extremely sad. I had to do some Honey Nut Cheerios instead!

I did manage to comb my hair and actually put on some real clothes today! I still can’t wash my hair because of this ear infection. And I must say this hair is a itchin’ hunti! I can’t wait to get some Pantene conditioner on me. It’s so creamy when it goes on, and it makes my hair so really soft afterwards.

I took the week off from Yoga, because I just wasn’t feeling my best. I’ve been trying my hardest not to get sick, but the weather here in Texas is bi-polar. But I feel really good when I do it though. I’ve added the Rosary to my meditation, but I kind of modified it. Is that a sin? I just made it the series of “Hail Mary” prayers, and the rest of the beads are the “Our Father Prayer”. So I guess it’s Val’s Rosary now. Either way, it helps me meditate and clear my mind. My Dad said that the Bible says when meditating do it in prayer. That I should pray, and once done be still and let the Holy Spirit speak to me. I sleep better as well.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week. The chance to build up momentum to execute goals that are written and planned out. So make sure you make tomorrow a “GREAT DAY”. Remember it will dictate how the rest of your week goes!

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!!

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Journal Entry: Putting My Best Foot Forward 11.9.18

I started this blog almost six months ago. I’ve been through many storms, and had decided it was time to make a change. One of the things I learned trying to deal with having an invisible disease like CHF is that it’s good to do something different. Do something that will keep my mind busy, because worry leads to stress, which in turn leads to strain on my heart. So I started to take my blogs to another level. Slowly I began to change my mindset even more.

Waiting for someone to make a decision on what course your life will be taking is such a heavy thing to do. I’ve never been one to do that so it was really hard. Well, doing that was not a good idea for me after all. I got denied for the third time for Social Security and Disability. Time to take that power back! Am I disabled? Physically, I know I am. I won’t go back into denial on that. Mentally, I am not. I am going to have to go back to work. I can’t spend another two years waiting around for someone else to make a decision concerning my life. So today I am acknowledging my Super Powers. I am letting go of fearing mistakes and failures.

I have got to go back to work. Whether it be from home, or an office, it’s something I ‘have’ to do if I’m going to survive right? I possess habits that make me a “Girl Boss”. Time to shift them into gear, and get shit started again!! I am always improving, but for Today, I have the knowledge I need! I am my best source of motivation. Any suggestions for work from home, You guys are more that welcome to leave in the comments for me.!

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!

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12 Things That Can Drain Your Energy : Overthinking

I’ve been blogging about twelve things that can drain your energy.  I’ve already covered the following:

  • Taking Things Personally
  • Holding On To The Past
  • Fueling Drama
  • Complaining All The Time

Today I will touch base on “Overthinking”.  Even though overthinking can be found to be beneficial to some people, I’m only going to focus on the effects that can potentially drain your energy.  Overthinking can delay the decision-making process.  This can cause reckless abandon, and cause one to miss windows of success.


Overthinking may include others in the decision-making process  which could create  enhanced ownership, but ultimately the decision can end up no longer belonging to the original person.  It can create uncertainty and doubt.  It can create delays that can affect team progression.

Overthinking can generate lots of possibilities, but delay actions in the process.  Excess energy is always spent.  You become lethargic and sad, losing desire to complete tasks.  Instead you spend time focusing on negative thoughts.  Things you desire or have interest in are placed on hold.  You’ll find yourself not going out or experiencing new things.

Me personally, I’ve found that overthinking has kept me from sleeping at night.  I then wake up in the morning completely drained and unmotivated.  Your attention span decreases, because you’re so caught up in whatever thoughts you’re focusing on too much.  I’ve been driving to one location, and so caught up in overthinking that I’ve driven to a totally different location!

So to me this is a serious habit that not only can drain your energy, but it can be hazardous to your health! Here are a few tips that may help with overthinking:

  • Realize you can’t predict the future.
  • Be Grateful
  • Accept Your Best
  • Keep a Positive Mind-frame 
  • Put Things Into Perspective
  • Schedule Time For Reflection
  • Change The Channel
  • Learn Mindfulness Thinking; Meditate

Hope this one has brought some help to you guys!  Don’t forget to check out the other segments of this series under the “Lifestyle and Experiences” tab!

Remember to Stay POSITIVE, Stay MOTIVATED, and Be BLESSED!